Below are a few samples of my work. While the radio stories are free to listen to, most of my Monocle articles are behind the paywall, and many essays appeared exclusively in print form.


On the edge (Monocle) - In the days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I head to the besieged country’s southwestern border as its neighbours find themselves living nextdoor to a war zone. How will they cope with the consequences?

Calling the shots (The Forecast) - Its émigrés helped to shape the global film industry and now the country itself is becoming a cinema and TV production hub. So how is Hungary earning its starring role as the Hollywood of Europe?

Running on Moscow time (New Humanist) - A 30-hour train journey from Vienna to Moscow offers the chance to connect with the Russian past: contraband, bribery and all.

Russland in der Niemandszeit (Der Standard) - In Russland reagiert man auf die Sanktionen mit antiwestlicher Arroganz. Doch mit der sich verschärfenden Wirtschaftskrise wächst die Politikverdrossenheit in der Bevölkerung. 


The battle to save Lake Neusiedl on the Austria-Hungary border - The Monocle Daily (from 15:45)

The man who imagined a united Europe - The Briefing (from 25:00)

Controversy over a Soviet war memorial in Vienna - The Urbanist

Austria’s dependence on Russian gas - The Briefing (from 08:10)

Hungary in an attempt to bring back traditional crafts - Monocle On Design

A series of reports from Ukraine’s border with Romania and Moldova - The Briefing

What do Russians living in Europe think of the war in Ukraine? - The Briefing (from 27:00)

Austria’s communists on the rise - The Briefing

Austria introduces compulsory Covid jabs - The Globalist (from 30:00)

Sebastian Kurz quits politics - The Briefing

Russian parliamentary election preview and analysis - The Globalist

Vienna’s sound identity - Monocle On Design (winner of the 2021 WINFRA journalism award)

A change of ownership at a once-mighty Soviet record label - The Monocle Daily (from 31:00)

Vienna’s immigration authorities under fire - The Monocle Daily (from 22:00)

Austria restarts the oldest Alpine railway - The Briefing

Vienna’s fascination with death - The Urbanist

Hitler’s balcony in Vienna - The Urbanist

A visit to a utopian Soviet suburb - The Urbanist

The ‘pact of free cities’ in Eastern Europe - The Globalist (from 30:20)

Vienna and Stalin - The Urbanist

Who should be allowed to vote in Vienna’s elections? - The Briefing (from 20:10)

Who is Slovakia’s new president? - The Foreign Desk

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